All About Credit Cards – Low Interest Credit Card


Many people in our modern society live from paycheck to paycheck. Most of them do not even see where the money they earn from a month long work goes a day after the payday.

Looking for low interest credit cards? There are many options out there. With so many companies and banks offering many different styles and types of cards, it’s good to know the basics about how credit cards work so you can find out what type of card would work best for you. Many cards offer an introductory interest rate, which can be as low as 0% on purchases for up to the first 12 months of your card’s use. Banks such as Citi, Chase, and American Express offer many varieties of cards including some with this illustrious introductory offer.

However, once this initial period of your card expires, you are subject to a “Purchase APR” interest rate. APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. This number can be quite high, or low, usually depending on your credit score. A fairly low interest credit cards APR is around 9% or lower.

There are cards out there that you can obtain with an APR of as low as 5.5%, given a good credit score and some searching. Another thing to note when looking at APRs would be the letters “V” and “F”. These seemingly harmless looking letters that appear after interest rates can mean a lot. “V” stands for variable, which means your rates are subject to change. “F” stands for “Fixed”, which means your APR will stay at a certain rate. Obviously, it is good to get a card with a fixed rate.

It all depends on your credit score on how much credit and what apr you will normally be given. However, you can obtain a decent card if you shop around for the best deals. Some companies will negotiate with you if your credit score is poor, as long as you can show that you have had income for the past several months. They will normally come up with a deal to suit your needs and income.

Be careful however, as some companies will put you on a very high interest rate which can be hard on you if you mount up debt on the card. Once you have made payments for around a year on this card, you can then apply for much lower APR card and start building an excellent credit score up.