Easy Steps To Gaining A Personal Loan


Many of us feel when we are taking out a loan, that we are not so sure on how they work or how much that you feel that you should apply for, unless you have a specific purchases that the money is going on.

Deciding on how much and over which length of time, which we want the loan should really depend on how much you can afford.

The thing with this though, is that the lenders try to dictate to you, how much of a loan to take. This is because they stagger their interest charges, with the amount that you wish to borrow. With a higher percentage interest charge, for example on $1000 that could be as high as 20%, with a loan amount of $20,000 or more coming with an interest charge in single figures.

You may look at this and work out that you will get a lower interest rate if you take more of a loan. But by doing so this will mean that to afford the repayments on the larger loan amount taken, you will then have to pay it back over a longer period of time.

This will give the lender a steady income over the term of the loan, which could be 5 years. Where as if you had taken out your original smaller loan, you could have had it paid off over a year or two.

If you opt for a loan for any amount and over any length of time, you may have to look at the payment protection insurance. It will not only protect you if you are unable to work because of illness, or due to being made redundant from your current post.

The one main thing that it will do is drive up the cost of your loan. So as you may have opted for the larger loan amount, you will also find that the insurance will be a lot higher, than with the smaller loan.

If you do feel that the payment protection will give you peace of mind, in case of any eventualities, there is one thing that I will never tire of saying and that is Read The Small Print. By doing so, you may find that if you take out the cover that the loan lender is offering, you will not be covered by some of the clauses that are written into the small print.

For example if you are self-employed or are working within a short-term contract, you may find in the small print that the terms of the cover do not meet your requirements. Which means that you will be paying money to a protection cover, which simply doesn’t help you.

If your finances change for the better during the term of your personal loan you may be able to pay the balance without an early redemption penalty.

Ask your loan provider for more details.

More importantly, read the small print and all terms and conditions of the loan before you decide to proceed.